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As a Chronic Kidney Disease or Dialysis patient, you know that consistently remaining connected about how you may improve your overall health and quality of life is necessary and critical. If you want to help improve your quality of life -  raise energy levels, limit dietary complications, increase tasty dietary options, and get more out of life - you will have to get the right tools to take action. Stay connected with Connect and you will get:

  • Three FREE No BP/No Stick Fistula Protector Wristbands ($19.44 value) - Year supply

  • FREE Copy Of Fight Kidney Disease And Diabetes (E-Book) Awarded Editor's Choice ($6.99 value) - Tasty Renal and Diabetic Meals, Patient Tips For Success, Detailed CKD Grocery List, Renal and Diabetic Tailored Pantry List, Water Management Grid, and more
  • FREE Kidney Transplant Social Media Beginner's Pamphlet ($10.00 value)
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