2018 In Review


© ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. passed many milestones in 2018: by year-end, we have served more than 3 million viewers, yielding a 30%+ growth from the previous year and extending the leadership in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community despite only launching 5 years ago. Our growth is due to the diligent viewership and word-of-mouth sharing as well as social media engagements from viewers such as yourself. Thank you. The following are some highlights of the year:

1.) We have continued to grow our viewership. Thank you for referring your friends at Dialysis, loved ones, and Dialysis colleagues and patients. We have served a higher percentage of return viewers than ever before.

2.) We are extremely happy to note that some of this viewership growth including returns came from Pre-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease patients. This is an important area to help slow Kidney Decline among a larger number of patients and lighten the load of patients waiting for a Kidney Transplant on a growing National Kidney Transplant Waiting List (currently 5 to 7 years average wait time and increasing). The new KidneyBuzz CONNECT Program is helping hundreds of Chronic Kidney Disease patients (learn more).

3.) We introduced some new products which were very well received such as the Dialysis Patients’ Rights Book (click here), the Kidney Transplant Shirt (click here). and the Dialysis Zipper Access Sweatshirt (click here). We were also able to maintain the same prices for our products - keeping them affordable while other groups increased prices - during 2018. In order to achieve this goal, we resisted adding any further staff and chose to use innovation, creativity, and longer hours to do more with the same resources. We anticipate further growth in 2019. Thanks for your support and feedback!

4.) We also experienced a surprisingly high rate of those enrolled in our Find A Kidney Donor Program (click here) receiving Kidney Transplants. This highlights a likely growing number of the general population understanding the (1) need for more living kidney donors and (2) specifically those who they can help. In 2018, we had over 1,200 individuals visit our dedicated Living Kidney Donor Education page (view here) to help prospective individuals better understand and feel more comfortable about getting tested for living kidney donation.

5.) We have made over 15,000 patients aware of relevant breakthroughs and kept them up-to-date on the latest with direct calls. We continue to develop longlasting and rewarding direct relationships with patients such as yourself online and over the phone to make important policy changes on matters like Longer-Term Anti-Rejection Drug Coverage, Cost of Living Increases, Correcting Gaps in Dialysis Care, Funding for Critical Breakthroughs, and much more. Your help is vital as we continue these efforts in 2019.

6.) We have highlighted the extraordinary stories of long-term Dialysis patients who have been conducting treatment for more than 40 years - getting first-hand testimonies. We have also created signed agreements to share resources like specialized snacks for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients’s diets (click here), Chest Catheter Protector device which allows patients with Chest Catheters to shower (click here), and Alert Systems for needle leakages to help patients lead long-term improved lives while on Dialysis as well (click here). We are currently looking into opportunities to offer Peritoneal Dialysis patients with more resources which they need. Let us know what you would like to see us carry in 2019 for you by emailing

7.) Facebook is an ever-changing platform and the alterations in algorithms adversely affected our ability to effectively reach you in parts of 2018. However, as bad as things got, they could have been much worse had we not quickly adapted, unlike many other publishers who suffered costly loss of traffic and resulted in unfortunate layoffs. Thank you for coming by the KidneyBuzz Facebook Page regularly, Liking and Sharing the information and also joining the KidneyBuzz Email List.

8.) The fact is we are protected by faithful viewers like you from having to make painful cuts as mentioned above. has chosen to build our brand on value and small-dollar purchases of tailored products and services along with limited agreements of closely reviewed select businesses which focus on the Chronic Kidney Disease Community instead of Venture Capitalists/Investors or large donors. This allows us to remain independent and better serve you by sticking to our fundamental values - producing honest, straight-forward, tell-it-like-it-is news and information which Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant patients find useful along with top-notch products and services tailored for those suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease.

We realize that our growth and growing influence comes from individual grass-roots viewers like you. is using our online presence to create real value for you and, by doing so, hopes to continue to create an enduring relationship, even as you get off of Dialysis with a Kidney Transplant or continue for years to come, we will continue to be in YOUR corner and the corner of your loved ones. With your support, we are able to have the opportunity to continue to do this important work that we love.

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Like and share this review and let us know how we can help you going forward. What challenges are you anticipating for the New Year? continues to be devoted to supporting you and your loved ones with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant. Our team is dedicated to helping you so please feel free to call (949) 715-8788 or email: - we would love to hear from you!

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