Kidney Transplants From Aborted Babies Is A Controversial Lifesaving Option For CKD Patients

 Image courtesy abc news

Image courtesy abc news


According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, "21 lives are lost a day waiting for a transplant." 13 of those lives are individuals waiting on the Kidney Transplant List. New findings suggest that a Kidney Transplant can double a Dialysis patient's life expectancy. However, at what moral cost are researchers willing  to offer Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients the option of a life preserving Kidney Transplant? Also, what moral price are Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients willing to pay for this option? Would those with Chronic Kidney Disease be willing to accept the Kidney of an aborted baby? 

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A study recently published in the American Journal of Transplantation suggested that a Kidney from "aborted human babies can be salvaged by transplanting them into rats." Hence, they are grown in the rodent and then transplanted into a Chronic Kidney Disease patient who is suffering Kidney Failure. Controversial to say the least, and ethical questions may be raised. Still, Co-Author of the study, Eugene Gu (Duke University), believes that since the otherwise discarded fetuses may be used to save innocent lives, that "makes it more palatable in the case of patients who have no other option," said Natural World News. 

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However, Jill Stanek (Former Labor and Delivery Nurse) is not as convinced; calling the research, "abominable" and "horrific on so many levels."  This is not to even mention the reservations many have with mixing animal and human organs, even by means of a "pass-through," temporary host. 

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Stanford Law School Professor, Hank Greely (Ethical and Legal Expert) highlights that the major issue is the mother's consent and suggested that the decision to have an abortion does not mean that they agree to have their fetus' remains used in research or later in transplantation. This basically eliminates the use of emergency abortions where the mothers would probably not have time to calculate the decision before it was too late.

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Still, researchers on this project have one singular goal in mind, and it is clearly not to be "politically correct." Instead, their goal is to save lives and "end the human donor shortage," according to their website. Moreover, research is well on its way, and scientist have already successfully grown a fully-functioning human kidney in the body of a lab rat.

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Although this hot topic is exciting news for some, it comes with a mixed bag of emotions for others. What are your thoughts? Would you accept a Kidney Transplant which is grown in a rat and originated from an aborted baby? Let your over 17,100 Friends know your valued thoughts and insights at the Facebook Fan Page right now by clicking here. Also, visit every day for the latest Breaking News, Information, Inspiration, Daily Impact Meals, as well as Products and Services.

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