Kidney Transplant Surgeries In Highest Demand Among All Organs: Strategies To Reduce Wait Time

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The average wait time for a Kidney Transplant is 1,121 days and can vary in some states depending on several different factors. For instance, California is three times as long. Though a total of approximately 93,000 patients are registered for a Kidney Transplant in the United States, only 50,000 people are active candidates (eligible for  transplants). Hence, one of the first things that you should do to increase your chances of a transplant is stay active on your waiting list. However, it is clear that individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) must do more than just acquire a spot on the Transplant Waiting List because 5000-6000 patients die each year while waiting for a kidney. 

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There are other strategies that you can employ to expedite obtaining a Kidney Transplant including listing at more than one transplant center (Multi-Listing). Research has consistently shown that patients who are strategically Multiple Listed will greatly increase their chances of receiving a Kidney Transplant faster.   Nevertheless, only a mere 4.7% of individuals with CKD utilize the Multiple Listing technique.

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There are also website resources available that assist people with CKD to find Kidney Transplant Centers with the lowest average wait times that are the closest to where they live. These free user friendly website tools can be particularly helpful to people who are on a Kidney Transplant Waiting List in a high wait time area because it can significantly increase their access to  Kidney Transplant Centers options with far lower wait times. Feel free to email at for more information and direct links to discussed sites.

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Also, consider asking a loved one for a Living Donation. Although understands that discussing your need for a kidney with your family and friends may be difficult and emotionally involved, it is important that you pursue this strategy to substantially increase your chances of receiving a Kidney Transplant. Ultimately people want to help you, especially your close friends and family. See the article on "Directed Donor".  If this strategy does not work then you can turn to social media. highlighted Eddie Beatrice and his compelling story about how he was able to find a Living Kidney Donor within 90 minutes of opening a Facebook Page. His donor describes what moved her to take immediate action to help Eddie in Why This Kidney Donor Positively Responded to a Facebook Request From a Stranger In Only 90 Minutes.

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Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) has become the fastest growing source of transplantable kidneys, overcoming the barrier faced by living donors deemed incompatible with their intended recipients. KPD will allow incompatible donors to help their intended recipient by donating to another recipient who also has an incompatible donor. Previously, patients who needed kidneys were forced to wait until a compatible donor was either found or deceased, but through KPD, kidneys can essentially be exchanged through multiple pairs so that patients can get a compatible kidney sooner. A recent Johns Hopkins study shows that greater use of this exchange mechanism would help more individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) receive transplants.

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Having Chronic Kidney Disease can remind you how much of life is out of your control which can trigger many negative feelings. Webster defines Hope as "wanting or wishing for something with confident expectation." Hope is about living with the anticipation of what can be, the key is to find and sustain Hope when life is presenting us with challenges, difficulties and obstacles. Individuals with CKD have every reason to be Hopeful, given their circumstances, that they will lead an extended and fruitful life. People with CKD are living longer while on dialysis and new advancements such as the Artificial Kidney are becoming practical solutions to Kidney Disease. Strategies such as the ones outlined above will assist you in getting a kidney sooner and new studies that has shared, identify ways to keep your Transplanted Kidney longer. In many ways the game has changed in the CKD community. 

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