Key Member Of Artificial Implantable Kidney Team Departs - Change For CKD Patients Wanting To Be Considered



The Artificial Implantable Kidney has announced a surprise team shake-up that all patients who are interested in being considered for the upcoming trials should know. For the past several years the Chronic Kidney Disease Community has gotten familiar with the name Susan Kram, Artificial Implantable Kidney Project Manager. Well, it has unfortunately come to the attention of the Team that Susan will be moving on to other endeavors (ventures). If you are interested in being considered for the upcoming Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials and have not received confirmation that you are listed, then immediately request the new contact information to be added to the database so your desire to partake in Human Trials is not missed during the transition.

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Ms. Kram mentioned that her amenable (agreeable) departure is due to the fact that she is "beginning a new chapter of my [her] life, and therefore this will be my last week working for The Kidney Project at UC San Francisco." Susan mentioned that she has been "inspired by your countless stories of determination and strength and will carry those, and the many positive experiences I have had here, with me into the future."

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While, the well-liked Project Manager's departure comes as sad news to most, she did give insight about the fact that she believes that the Artificial Implantable Kidney Device "will ultimately improve the lives of millions of people worldwide...and look forward to the many accomplishments the program is poised to make." We take our collective hats off to Ms. Kram. 

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If your position for the Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials consideration has not been confirmed or you are unsure if you are listed for trials, then immediately submit your information below for follow up since the database contact has officially changed and time is running out:

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