It's Here: Largest Change To The Kidney Transplant Waiting List & Kidney Allocation System In 26 Years.


Mark your calendars for the biggest change to the Kidney Transplant Waiting List in the past 26 years. December 4th, 2014 will be the first day of a permanent and major shift in the Kidney Transplant Waiting List allocation system. The chair of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network/United Network for Organ Sharing Kidney Transplantation Committee, Dr. Richard Formica, who is a Yale Associate Professor Of Medicine and Surgery said about the changes, "It will help more people have longer function with their transplanted kidneys." Also, the changes are expected to shorten the wait times for some groups of people who often wait a very long time because they are hard to match with most kidneys. 

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Basically, the change is intended to maximize the use of kidneys while taking into account immune system sensitivity.  The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network/United Network for Organ Sharing Kidney Transplantation Committee has deemed the incoming Kidney Transplant Waiting List allocation system as "an improved kidney matching system" to the existing process which has pretty much been unchanged since 1988. While it has been met with significant push-back, YOU can determine how you feel about the changes which are outlined as follows:

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Now each kidney transplant candidate receives a score which estimates how long "he or she will need a Kidney Transplant relative to the others listed for a Kidney Transplant," noted Dr. Formica. This is perfect because Transplantable Kidneys will also receive a score which makes it really easy to match the top 20% of potential Recipients who will need a kidney the longest with the top 20% of the kidneys which are predicted to last the longest.

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"What happens with the other 80% of kidneys," you ask? They will be matched to remaining Recipients very similarly to how they were before the December 4th change. This is expected to reduce the need for patients to be relisted for a 2nd or 3rd Kidney Transplant. 

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For those currently on the list, they should not worry as they will not lose credit for any time they already spent waiting which, as you likely know, is a major factor in Kidney Allocation. Moreover, for those who began Dialysis before they were listed for a Kidney Transplant, their waiting time will be backdated to the day they first started Dialysis. 

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