International Transplant Olympics Used to Demonstrate the Successes of Organ Donation

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For over 20 years the World Transplant Games Federation has been staging international sporting events for transplant athletics in order to demonstrate the physical success of transplant surgery and to raise awareness for the need to increase organ donation.

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These games take place every two years where over 1500 athletes representing 69 countries compete at an extremely high level. There are some, however, that just attend to enjoy the Summer by taking part at their own pace or simply to meet other transplant recipients. By the way, there are also Winter Games which take place in the intervening years. These games are recognized by the International Olympic Committee and will begin on July 28th and end August 4th.

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There are athletes who test the boundaries in virtually every sport by competing despite overwhelming physical odds after receiving organ transplants. These games are as much a celebration of life among recipients, their families and friends as well as an athletic event that calls attention to the success of organ transplantation.

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The purpose of the Transplant Games is to demonstrate to the public at large the collective and individual successes of organ transplant. The games use the mass media to promote the advantages of organ donation and transplantation and the need for public support.

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