Intense Debate: Where Should Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials Take Place?


© ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. continues to the be leading Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patient news outlet to keep you up-to-date about the latest as it relates to the Artificial Implantable Kidney and other cutting-edge breakthroughs. Currently, a widespread debate is taking place in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community about states that the Human Trials should take place. Since locations are not yet determined, now is a critical time for patients to share where they would like to see trials. Complete the following form to give your input. What state would you like to see the Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials take place? Since the team will not be going to every state in the United States, will share the top three states with the Research Team.

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Complete the below form with your desired state. You can submit the form as many times as you want. There is no limit! Also, share the form with others so that they can give their input. Top three states will be shared with the Lead Researchers:

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