Increased Vegetable Intake May Lower CKD And Dialysis Patient Death Risk By More Than 23%




Increasing the number of vegetables in a person's diet is typically seen as a good idea which may render a number of health benefits. Ironically, those with Chronic Kidney Disease and especially Dialysis patients must play a difficult balancing act of integrating just enough vegetables into their Renal Diets to gain necessary nutrients and yet avoid life-threatening side effects such as high potassium (hyperkalemia), high phosphorus (hyperphosphatemia ), nausea, weakness, numbness and slow pulse, and even heart failure. However, new findings suggest that, "Greater proportions of plant protein in the diet are associated with a decreased death risk among individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease."

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Findings which were published  in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases noted that, "each 33% increase in plant protein to total protein ratio was associated with a 23% decreased death risk among individuals [Chronic Kidney Disease patients]." You would agree that it is a huge difference.

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 Thomas Manley (Director of Scientific Activities for the NKF) mentioned, “Previous studies have shown that the rate of intestinal phosphorus absorption is higher from animal protein than plant-based protein." Higher blood phosphorus levels are directly associated with increased death rate in both Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. "This may be one plausible explanation for the higher death rates in CKD patients who consume larger amounts of animal protein,” Manley concluded.

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High protein and low potassium vegetables include green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli. If you are considering adding more vegetables into your diet, then talk to your Dietitian about adjusting your meal plan and recommending resources and recipes that offer low potassium vegetable cooking options such as's Impact Meals. Also, talk to your Healthcare Team about boosting your phosphorus binders and offering a lower potassium Dialysate for those on Dialysis to better control potassium levels.

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