Implantable 3D-Printed Kidneys Could Be Coming Sooner Than Many CKD And Dialysis Patients Think


© ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. is always asked about the progress of 3D-Printed Kidneys. Many patients realize that if the technology is successful then they may have access to a ready-to-use kidney that offers that same benefits of a regular kidney with no anti-rejection medication. Well, new reports suggest that it may be closer than anyone thought.

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According to Tech Crunch News, Prellis Biologics (a small San Francisco Startup Company) has just taken a big step on the path toward developing viable 3D-Printed organs - including kidneys - for patients. Founded by research scientists, Melanie Matheu and Noelle Mullin, Prellis Biologics have moved closer to perfecting a new technology to manufacture capillaries, the one-cell-thick blood vessels that are the pathways which oxygen and nutrients move through to nourish tissues in the body.

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Basically, without functioning capillary structures, it is impossible to make organs, according to Dr. Matheu, "They’re the most vital piece of the puzzle in the quest to print viable hearts, livers, kidneys, and lungs," she said. The good news is that after making a small $3 million investment, Prellis Biologics has now published findings indicating that it can manufacture those capillaries at a size and speed that would deliver 3D-printed organs, such as kidneys, to the market within the next five years.

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The speed is critical for building tissues like kidneys or lungs because it means that cell death doesn’t occur and the tissue being printed remains viable, while the ability to print within structures means that Prellis’ technology can generate the internal scaffolding to support and sustain the organic material that surrounds it, according to the company.

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While this is fantastic news on progress, it is still important to meter your excitement since the nature of research is that it can be met with setbacks and challenges. is always the first to break the news about kidney-related breakthroughs as well as offers Daily News and Information to teach patients how to better manage and improve their lives. That said, check back in often and click here to request being added to our email list. If you would like exclusive information about breakthroughs then be sure to join KidneyBuzz CONNECT (click here).

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