H.R. Bill Improves CKD Patients' Care, Research To End Dialysis, And Lower Out-Of Pocket Costs

The "Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act (H.R. 4818)" was introduced to Congress by Representatives Tom Marino (R-PA) and John Lewis (D-GA) and now needs the support of the Kidney Community to be pushed forward. This Act is critical for current Dialysis patients to improve treatments, reduce their out-of-pocket treatment costs, and better support research that is focused on Kidney Disease which could assist in providing breakthroughs such as the Artificial Kidney. The Bill also offers greater support for those with earlier stages of Chronic Kidney Disease or Diabetes to prevent Kidney Failure. 

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Let's get a bit more specific, shall we? What Dialysis patients should know is that this legislation, if passed, will expand their insurance options which could potentially mean lower out-of-pocket costs for insurance plans, more comprehensive benefits, and better care coordination than currently expected.

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What's even more pressing is that "Special Needs" plans which are specifically tailored benefits for Dialysis patients, will expire next year unless Congress takes action now! With this bill these plans will ensure Dialysis patients receive all the benefits of Medicare beneficiaries as well as create a much needed Dialysis Care Coordination Program that will require Hospitals to send your Dialysis Clinics the necessary medical information to prevent you from any additional discomfort, illness, premature death and readmission to the Hospital. Further benefits of HR 4818 are the additional commitments to research and Chronic Kidney Disease education which will help prevent and end the disease as well as offer improved care to those presently suffering with it. 

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Do you recall the last time KidneyBuzz.com requested the community's support on a Federal Initiative? Well, it was last year to prevent the budget allocated for Chronic Kidney Disease services, specifically Dialysis, from being cut. Guess what? It was wildly successful, because when this community rallies around a singular initiative we are effective! That is why KidneyBuzz.com is calling on YOU to take action again, and asking that you sign the below petition in support of the "Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act (H.R. 4818)." 

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