How CKD And Dialysis Patients Can Protect Themselves From Life-threatening Flu And Pneumonia



Since Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients already suffer from weak immune systems, they are at a high risk of catching the flu (Influenza) which could lead to feeling miserable, hospitalization (an increased risk of infections and medical errors), and even death in Chronic Kidney Disease patients - especially Dialysis patients. A common question is, "Can the Flu turn into Pneumonia?" The answer, "Absolutely. In fact, about one-third of all Pneumonia cases in this country are caused by respiratory viruses, most commonly influenza," according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta. What's worse is that studies have found Pneumonia mortality (death) rates in Dialysis patients are 14- to 16-times higher than in the general population. The following tailored tips can help those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis protect themselves against the Flu and Pneumonia, stay out of the hospital, and improve longevity:

1. Your Flu Shot Protects Against More Than The Flu: A Flu shot is the most powerful protection against the Flu. However, most do not realize that Harvard University suggested that getting a Flu shot may protect you not only from Flu, but also from Pneumonia - the leading cause of Flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.

2. Avoid Your Face: It’s true - your eyes, nose, and mouth are the easiest ways for the Flu to enter your body. So if you don’t touch your face, you make it more difficult for the Flu bug, and thereby Pneumonia, to infect you.

3. Don't Carry It Around: Simply by disposing of used tissues cut down exposure and spread of germs. When you cough or sneeze without the aid of a tissue, pretend you’re a caped superhero and let your elbow block the thousands of Flu germs that you may be releasing into the air. This protects you and others.
4. Simple And Easy: Simple precautions such as washing your hands frequently can go a great distance in keeping the Flu and Pneumonia at bay. Hence, if you take the time to reach for soap and water to save yourself from getting sick, make sure that Patient Care Technicians and Nurses also wash their hands and change gloves before interacting with your station because they could otherwise accidentally bring the germs from a fellow patient into your space.

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