How Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetics Can Overcome Feeling "Drained" During Hot Weather

Have you been struggling to deal with the heat? If so, you should know that many Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients similarly suffer with "Melting-Down" or "Feeling Drained" during warm/hot days. One viewer wrote, "I have a problem and that is when it gets hotter out I cannot do much of anything outside without feeling completely drained. What can I do?" Does this sound familiar to your personal circumstance? 

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Due to how they feel when it is warm outside, many Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients choose to remain inside, right in front of their AC or Fan. "I used to love it outside, but now all I do is stay inside when the sun comes out. Its depressing," a reader wrote. Especially in the Spring and Summer months, activities with families and friends often happen outside because of the amenable weather.  Hence if you are inside, you are missing out on all of the FUN, and not living your highest quality life possible, right? Let's delve right in and identify solutions.

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In both Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patient populations, the leading cause of death is Heart Attack or Heart Failure. For this reason, heart medications such as beta blockers and diuretics are prescribed. Oddly enough, these meds can also make you more susceptible to heat and feeling excessively drained. Most patients do not know to ask their Physician about medication options they may have during warmer seasons. Now you do!

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You may also look into getting a cooling vest. Typically these are worn by people who have to work in hot conditions, but patients have noted that they help to keep their core body temperature cooler which also prevents blood pressure from dropping on hot days.  Moreover, there are bandanas with "Cool Gel" which are relatively inexpensive, and can assist in cooling the body on warm days when wrapped around a patient's head or neck.  

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Chronic Kidney Disease patients should make their fluid intake count on hot days to maintain their recommended fluid restrictions. Rather than drinking warm coffee or tea in the morning with breakfast, have iced coffee, tea or juice instead. On the other hand, Diabetics without fluid restrictions should stay hydrated to combat dangerous blood sugar fluctuations. notes that Diabetics should not, "be tempted to disregard Hypoglycemia [Low Blood Sugar] symptoms, such as sweating and tiredness, as a result of hot weather." In any case, you should call your Health Care Team if you're concerned about how the heat is personally affecting you. 

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