How Can Humor and Inspiration Assist Chronic Kidney Disease Health Maintenance

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For Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients humor and inspiration uplifts the spirit, decreases depression and can even help strengthen the immune system. Ultimately, humor and inspiration are both necessary to keep things in perspective and out of negativity because they draw your attention away from your pain and give you a much needed break. They will improve your mood and make living life with a chronic illness a little bit lighter and more manageable. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be angry, depressed or anxious in the process of laughter. So improve your quality of life by feeding yourself with humor and inspiration every single day.

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Finding a way to remain happy and inspired can be difficult when you are faced with the symptoms and challenges of CKD on a daily basis. It is okay to acknowledge and express any sadness, frustration or anger about your life that you may fee, l but what is most important is to provide yourself and others with the appropriate respect by maintaining a sense of balance and purpose.

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Research has shown that laughter releases natural "feel-good" chemicals (endorphins) which heightens your happiness and temporarily relieves pain. Also, laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which is particularly good for CKD patients to protect against a heart attack and other cardiovascular risks associated with this disease. produces slap-stick jokes that are sure to give you a chuckle. You can also watch a comedy genre movie, attend a stand-up comedy show or keep jokes in your daily space so you can look at them. Laugh at yourself and surround yourself with people who will laugh with you and give you other things to laugh about. There are plenty of humorous things out there, just make up your mind to laugh more and avoid or minimize time with people/things that bring you down.

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Read daily quotes, follow inspirational magazines or books, and look at photos that inspire you on the Internet. You will perform at your best when inspired and motivated. Studies show that those with a major chronic illness do better when they are motivated and inspired to live. In general, if a person is not motivated to live or inspired with life then s/he will likely die.

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You should not make light of your situation or the struggles you endure these two elements are proven to bring out the best in people. Humor and inspiration is a powerful antidote to relieve stress and pain, nothing works faster or is more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance. Humor lightens your burdens and inspiration keeps you focused, alert and motivated to live life to its fullest. With so many medical alternatives and daily CKD challenges the ability to laugh and remain inspired can be overlooked. But these two remedies are a timeless resource for surmounting problems and supporting both physical and emotional health.

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