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KidneyBuzz.com has received over 80,000 questions of interest about the Artificial Implantable Kidney. Learn more.

Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have a hard time keeping up or even partaking in the holiday season. Learn more.


Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis can at times feel lonely, and patients may feel as though no one understands what they are going through. Learn more.

As most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients already know, the Kidney Transplant Waiting List is overcrowded with over 100,000 patients listed and an average wait time of five (5) to seven (7) years. Learn more.


Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients suffer from Gout, a form of arthritis that causes sudden and very severe pain in the joints (particularly in the feet and big toes). Learn more.

What do actor George Lopez and NBA champion Alonzo Mourning have in common? Each of them has received a Kidney Transplant. Learn more.


A KidneyBuzz.com viewer wrote, "Are Kidney Repair and Rejuvenation more than just buzzwords for Chronic Kidney Disease patients? What’s the status? I do not want to wait forever on this." Learn more.

"I have a love-hate relationship with the Holidays. I love the gatherings with family and friends, but I hate not being able to enjoy my favorite foods because of my diet restrictions. It is just frustrating and depressing." Learn more.


Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have said, "I will do anything to get off of Dialysis." Learn more.

The Kidney Project Team at the University of California San Francisco is spearheading (leading) the development of the Artificial Implantable Kidney which is a very exciting possibility for those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis. Learn more.


KidneyBuzz.com released a list of the best cities for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients to live and it was met with a huge amount of interest - millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of views. Learn more.

The number of people who need a Kidney Transplant to avoid or get off of Dialysis is increasing, which in turn has caused the Kidney Transplant Waiting List to also rapidly grow in size. Learn more.


"I am helping my dear friend who is 77-years-old on Dialysis for the last year. He is preparing for a Kidney Transplant. What should we do after the surgery? How does he prepare himself with his diet and mental state? How can I help? Thank you!" Learn more.

The KidneyBuzz.com Team was first impressed by the Fist Assist Device after learning that the cutting edge technology  had been shown to both help Chronic Kidney Disease patients mature their Dialysis AV Fistulas faster as well as improve Dialysis Treatment outcomes with better cleanings. Learn more.


Any time KidneyBuzz.com can draw attention to a new resource that helps to improve the lives of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients, we are eager to do so. Learn more.

Lawyer and Grandfather, Howard Broadman, identified a brilliant concept of donating a kidney so that his grandson Quinn would be eligible to receive one in the future. Learn more.


A regular KidneyBuzz.com viewer asked, "I'm just inquiring about Kidney Failure. I am struggling with seizures and convulsions. How can Kidney Failure cause this  if the majority of seizures have to do with the brain?" Learn more.

Often times kind-hearted, generous people do not step forward and get tested to be a Kidney Donor for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients because they think that Altruistic (Selfless) Living Kidney Donation is an intensive and scary proposition. Learn more.


"Hi Kidney Buzz, The American Kidney Fund just opened up our disaster relief program to help/assist Dialysis patients in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas where the recent flooding has occurred. We wanted to send you our press release to help spread the news if possible." Learn more.

A newscaster was fired after shockingly stating, “Public funds must not be spent for the treatment of 'self-induced' Dialysis patients! If they cannot afford it and cry, just kill them!" Learn more.