High Blood Glucose Rots More Than CKD Patients' Teeth, It Could Rot Their Brains Too!

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People, including Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients, with high glucose levels are 18 percent more likely to develop Dementia, even if they do not have diabetes. Researchers from the University of Washington found that people with blood sugar levels that measured 115 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) were at "significantly" greater risk than those whose blood glucose is "normal."

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Normal blood sugar is 70 to 100mg/dl. 101 to 125  is considered "pre-diabetes;" while 126 and above is classified as diabetes. Chronically elevated blood sugar, even if it is not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes, could still damage small blood vessels in the control nervous system.

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While most cases of Alzheimer's and Dementia do not strike until age 65 or older, controlling blood glucose during your younger years can help you keep it in check as you age, said Paul Crane, MD, MPH. One habit that could help is regular exercise. Four to five workouts per week for 12 weeks reduced the blood sugar in most with pre-diabetes, especially those who started out with glucose levels closer to normal according to a recent study by "JAMA International Medicine."

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Exercise is also good to build strength, decrease depression, boost self confidence and increase quality of sleep. But for many with CKD chronic pain, anemia, feeling lethargic, and more make exercising a genuine problem, seemingly near impossible to do on a consistent basis. However, there are some manageable ways to workout that you can easily incorporate into their daily routine without even noticing. This includes leg lifting, stripping and making your bed, dancing while you clean, and stretching. Talk to your Nephrologist about additional ways you may protect yourself against high glucose.

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