Help Ensure that Dialysis Patients Receive the Newest FDA Approved Product to Replace Your Iron and Maintain Your Hemoglobin!

Too many Dialysis patients are struggling through their days with low energy levels, and it gets progressively worse for many. That is why it is vital for patients to get access to Triferic – because it effectively treats (replaces) the constant iron loss that occurs, and this helps to treat and prevent Anemia, which improves energy levels and reduces other health complications like iron overload which may lead to liver complications, toxicity, Cardiovascular Disease (leading cause of death in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community), infections, and  life-threatening allergic reactions linked to IV iron use.
Charlene is a Dialysis patient who said the newly FDA approved medication, Triferic, literally changed her life by greatly improving her energy levels and quality of life. She believes that all patients should be able to enjoy the same benefits. You can view her story here. Do you want to try this new Dialysis Tailored Iron Replacement Therapy?
Please TAKE ACTION NOW and complete the below petition -- so your voice will be heard and we can let Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) know that you want to gain access to the important health benefits that Triferic can provide. You have the right to improve your quality of life, and we need to ensure that you have access to new innovative therapies so that can happen.
The Chronic Kidney Disease Community needs your support! Whether you are a Dialysis patient, Family Member or Friend please take a moment to sign and share the below petition with others:

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As an End Stage Renal Dialysis patient, I strongly support my right to have access to new innovative therapies that can improve my quality of life and therefore request that CMS immediately assigns Transitional AddOn reimbursement to the newly FDA Approved Iron Replacement Therapy called Triferic. *

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