Harvard University Dedicates Program Specifically To Kidney Stem Cell Research For CKD And Dialysis Patients




Harvard University, Founded on September 8th, 1636, is among the leading research institutions in the world. The university along with Dr. Joseph E. Murray has been credited with performing the first human Kidney Transplant - launching the era of organ transplantation in which Harvard trail blazed methods to prevent Transplantation Rejection. Now, the educational powerhouse is again pushing the Chronic Kidney Disease Community forward and challenging the status quo by dedicating a program specifically to create new therapies to repair dead kidneys or create new functioning kidneys. Either way, Harvard University's Kidney Program, is clearly striving to offer Chronic Kidney Disease patients alternatives to Dialysis and the long, overcrowded Kidney Transplant Waiting List (over 100,000 patients on the waiting list with less than 17,000 patients transplanted annually).

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The Kidney Program is a division of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology which has a mission to "advance the understanding of human development and disease, support the discovery of stem cell-based therapies and cures for diseases." It is reassuring that finding a cure for Chronic Kidney Disease and alternatives to Dialysis is a clear focus at Harvard University. 

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While the university has identified promising kidney stem cell breakthroughs, it continues to work collectively with Harvard scientists at Harvard-affiliated hospitals and schools to collaborate and identify new treatments for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on major breakthroughs and receive alerts about the Harvard University Kidney Program then complete the below form:

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