Grab Bag With Essential Contents For CKD Patients In Preparation For Kidney Transplant Surgery

There are well over 100,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are eagerly awaiting the call from their Transplant Center to receive a Kidney Transplant. How many times have you heard, "After receiving the call from the transplant team indicating they have a kidney for you, a patient needs to get to the hospital as quickly (and safely) as possible?" Okay, simple enough. Once a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's center calls, they jump in their car and drive to the airport (if necessary) as quickly as possible to get to their center and receive their kidney, right? Not quite.

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Although receiving your call will be a very exciting moment, if you simply rush out of your house to the transplant center,  you may leave behind important items which are necessary for your surgery as well as recovery. What's more, after you get "your call" is not the time to start scrambling to gather all of your necessary documents, clothes, etc., because it can cause your blood pressure to spike or your heart rate to greatly increase which could inadvertently disrupt your pre-operative evaluations (physical exam, blood work, a chest x-ray, EKG) and perhaps other tests. While disappointing, not passing necessary medical tests could cause your surgery to be postponed which means you will be ruled out as a candidate and sent home.

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Hence, it is essential for Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List to prepare a "Grab and Go Bag" (also known as a "Grab Bag" or "Bug-Out Bag") BEFORE they are called; but what should it include?

Important Documents - A suggested list of documents to bring to the hospital to ensure everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible includes a list of current medications (update as necessary), a list of drug allergies (update as necessary), and health insurance information.    

Hygiene Items - Don't forget you tooth paste, mouthwash, floss, hair comb, and deodorant.

Clothes - A 5-time Kidney Transplant Recipient, Archie Graham, suggested that you pack enough clothes so you only have to wash once a month after your transplant. Take them out once in a while to wash, but put them right back into your bag. 

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Your Grab Bag should always remain packed with its full contents and kept in one known location. Also, make a check list of everything that should be in your bag and put it on top of the items in the bag for quick reference. If you are currently on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List and do not have a Bug-Out Bag or you are missing items, encourages you to print out this article right now and use it when organizing your Grab and Go Bag.

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