How Would Premium Support (Voucher) Changes to Medicare Affect Dialysis Patients?

The New York Times stated that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects savings of $716 Billion from Medicare alone over the next decade. Savings of this magnitude have never before been achieved, and achieving them will present new difficulties for beneficiaries...Learn more.


CKD Community should support Medicare and Medicaid Drug Rebate

United States Senator Rockefeller and U.S. Representative Waxman introduced legislation that would require drug manufacturers to pay rebates for the drugs used by individuals who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid and for people receiving the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS), Medicare Drug Savings Act (S. 740, H.R. 1588). Read more.

Cuts by Congress Could Threaten Quality Dialysis Care for CKD

Healthcare providers across the nation face the important task of caring for more than 30 million Americans who are living with Kidney Disease, and more than half a million with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Members of Congress, including your own senators, play an important role in ensuring access to this life-sustaining treatment. Read more.

Tips to Appeal Your Social Security Disability Application

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reported receiving 849,869 requests for hearings in FY 2012.  Most SSDI claims are denied with the application, and individuals must file a disability appeal to reach the hearing. This leads many people to ask, ‘Should I file a disability appeal?’ With a disability appeal, it’s critical to consider the options you have. Read more.

Can Social Security income be Garnished by the Franchise Tax Board?

If the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is notified that the bank account consists only of Social Security earnings, your account would not be garnished. Social Security income is excluded from state tax collection activity. It's important to note that having Social Security income does not stop withholding orders for earnings from being issued if the taxpayer is already in active collections, and it also does not stop liens from being filed. Read More.

Approach Medicaid Nursing Home Coverage with Care

Medicaid is a comprehensive health care program that covers a wide variety of people who need nursing facility medical care and meet certain financial eligibility guidelines.

For seniors, Medicaid is a very important resource covering more than 65 percent of all nursing home care. Nursing care currently costs approximately $100,000 a year. Therefore, most people who require long-term skilled nursing care eventually must deal with this program. Read More.

How Will Chained CPI Affect Your Social Security

The "chained CPI" has become one of the linchpins of the debate in Washington over what to do about the cost of Social Security. The idea is to ratchet up the annual cost-of-living adjustment provided to recipients by no longer basing it on the standard consumer price index, rather on this new "Chained CPI" creature. Its virtue, supposedly, is that it points to a slower inflation rate than the unchained index, by about .3% a year. Read more.

Debunking the Myth of Using Annuities to Protect Assets when Applying for Medicaid

The concept sounds simple  enough: turn your assets into an annuity stream, and you won’t have excess assets, and you’ll be eligible for Medicaid. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. Read More.