"Go Fund Me" Donations Meant To Help, May Cost CKD Patients Chances Of Obtaining Kidney Transplant

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding (funding a project by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people) platform that allows any person to raise money to fund events ranging from life achievements like weddings and graduations to challenging circumstances such as raising the financial capital for a life saving Kidney Transplant Surgery. 

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Based in San Diego, California, GoFundMe brags, "Over $900M raised for personal causes! GoFundMe is the #1 do-it-yourself fundraising website to raise money online." They continue, "Get your crowdfunding website FREE!" Well, the over 10,500 Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients who currently have GoFundMe active accounts and are receiving donations for their desperately needed Kidney Transplants may have to reconsider.  

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A case that is grabbing National Headlines is the Maine Medical Center that maintains a full Transplant Program. They are refusing to perform surgery on, Christine Royles, due to her GoFundMe account. Similar to many others in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community, Ms. Royles, is one of the over 600,000 patients suffering with Kidney Failure and conducting Dialysis. Having a young son, she took matters into her own hands and was able to connect with a Living Kidney Donor, Josh Dall-Leighton. 

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In anticipation of lost wages, one of Josh's friends developed a crowfunding account in order to allow Josh to donate his kidney. However, this was a major concern for the Maine Transplant Center which said, "Josh can either give the hospital or another organization the money as a 'donation' or they cannot perform the transplant," according to the Inquisitr. After learning that Josh's account reached nearly $50,000.00, the Maine based hospital stood by the idea that under Federal Law, a donor cannot be paid to donate an organ.

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Ironically, the GoFundMe account initially asked for a modest donation of $6,000.00. However,  because of the compelling story, kindhearted individuals ended up donating $48,000.00 which ultimately caused the issue for the Maine Kidney Transplant Center. Though ironic, Josh's wife suggested that it is not about the money and that her husband, "went through all testing procedures before the GoFundMe account was setup."

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What are your thoughts about this situation? Should Josh donate the funds or should the hospital conduct Christine's Kidney Transplant and let the family keep the donated money? Click here to share your opinion with the over 18,700 Friends that have Liked the KidneyBuzz.com Facebook Fan page. 

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