Fresenius Medical Issues Recall Of Dialysis CritLine Blood Chambers: What Is The CKD Patient Impact?


Fresenius Medical Care Renal Therapies Group, LLC. began a voluntary recall of all Crit-Line Blood Chambers used during Dialysis which accounts for over 22 million products globally, according to Nephrology News. The company suggested that it is attempting to correct the issue, but it is still critically important that patients remain aware of this malfunction to ensure their safety and quality of Dialysis Treatments. recently reported, "Dialysis Organization Recalls Products: Making Patients Vulnerable To Life Threatening Side Effects" where various recent recalls were outlined as well as the impact on patient care. Now, we are met with another very important announcement from  Fresenius Medical Care. In this case specifically a Crit-Line Blood Chamber leak can simply disrupt one or two Dialysis Treatments for a patient due to a built-in Dialysis Machine leakage alarm. While this is less than ideal, the side effects are usually not life threatening. 

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However, with existing methods, it can typically take hours for Dialysis Patient Care Technicians or Nurses to discover a blood leak which can make extraordinary life saving hospital procedures necessary with severe blood loss. According to Xconomy Inc., "This occurs in about 5 percent of the approximately 20 million vascular-access procedures that are performed in the U.S. to treat Cardiac (Heart) Ailments as well as to aid Dialysis or Chemotherapy."

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Dialysis patients should also know that the transmission of Hepatitis B has been associated with Hemodialysis and "malfunction (blood leaks) in Dialysis Machines." The spread of this blood borne virus infection is caused by the lack of appropriate disinfection of Dialysis Machines. 

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Although Fresenius Medical Care mentioned that they are "investigating the cause of this issue to determine the proper steps necessary moving forward," patients should still remain vigilant. There have been cases of blood lost without an alarm notification. 

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