Foods Many Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients Thought Were Bad Are Now Found To Be "OK"




Those with Chronic Kidney Disease, especially Dialysis patients, should know that many Dietitians working for Large Dialysis Organizations (LDOs) are "cautiously" expanding the list of foods considered safe for the Renal diet. In an article published by Nephrology News & Issues, Registered Dietitian, Robin Russell, discussed that he was working with Celebrity Chef, Aaron McCargo Jr., to turn "Dialysis-Friendly foods into great tasting meals." As we all know this can be a challenge, but this newly adopted strategy of incorporating foods once considered "bad" or "off-limits" is growing in popularity and found to be safe for patients.

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For those on Dialysis, Spaghetti and Meatballs are often a "No-No" because of the high sodium and potassium concentration in canned tomato sauce. However, by using clever substitutes such as low-sodium tomato sauce those with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) can enjoy this staple. The key said Russell, "Is that if you’re careful and you read your labels and measure your foods, you can have a much wider variety of foods in your diet."      

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Many long-time Dialysis patients may be shocked to learn that they can consume guacamole, even though it is higher in potassium, if the serving portions are kept within safe limits. This is not to say, "Go and eat anything you want," as the risks associated with these foods still exist and they can compromise your health. Still, what you can do, is work with your Dietitian to safely incorporate your favorite meals and foods into your diet plan. 

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Try this approach: Make a list of your top five favorite dishes that are currently "off limits." Take the list to your Dialysis Dietitian and ask for recipes or substitutes for key ingredients so that you can enjoy your favorite meal or a very close alternative. offers a daily Impact Meal that tailors some of the most desirable dishes including macaroni and cheese as well as pizza, to the Renal and Diabetic diets (click here).

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This strategy will surely come as a relief to many people with Chronic Kidney Disease who are often depressed by the fact that they can no longer taste their favorite "Mom's Famous (fill in the blank) Dish." 

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