Five (5) Fast Lunch Tips Which CKD & Dialysis Patients Can Safely Enjoy On-the-Go And Boost Energy



Between Dialysis Treatments, errands, family and friend gatherings, and other life activities, it is hard for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to find the time to cook for themselves. The following are a few tips which patients may use to not only safely enjoy quick meals, but also boost their energy levels at the same time:

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Maybe you had a bad night's sleep or are feeling wiped out after Dialysis Treatments, but the bottom line is that you need an energy kick! Well, skip the Red Bull because there are better and healthier sources of energy for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients.

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Generally speaking, all food supposedly gives you energy. But some foods are better at providing the energy kick you need as a patient to improve your day. Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients get the most energy from foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats such as the following:

1. Sack lunches: Packing a lunch is an ideal way to keep sodium, potassium, and phosphorus in control. Remember, if possible, make meat sandwiches from low-sodium, fresh-cooked meats such as chicken, turkey breast, roast beef, pork or fish in 2 to 3 ounce portions. Also, tuna salad or fried egg sandwiches are good low-sodium, high-protein choices. Note that when selecting canned tuna or chicken, pick the no-salt-added brands or rinse salted products for 3 minutes to reduce sodium content. Limit deli meats, which can be high in sodium. 

2. Leftovers: Leftovers may be the answer to a quick lunch. Plan to prepare extra portions, and package foods in containers that can go from freezer or refrigerator to microwave. Great heat-and-eat options include chicken dinners and fish which can be easily preserved in the refrigerator or freezer while maintaining much of their flavor and adding a boost of energy to a patient's diet.

3. Fast Foods: If you choose to eat fast food, choose wisely. Make kidney-friendly adjustments to the foods you order. Extra sodium, phosphorus, and potassium are often hidden in fast foods. To help you avoid ordering specials or tempting items that are not part of your diet click here for a fast food guide tailored for the Renal and Diabetic diets.

4. Frozen meals: Most patients will be surprised to learn that many of the reduced sodium, healthy cuisine frozen meals are acceptable for a Dialysis diet. Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers are some brands that have entrées low enough in sodium for a kidney diet. Consider looking for meals with less than 700 milligrams sodium and have higher protein choices such as a meat, poultry or fish entrée which may assist with energy levels.

5. Additional Items: If you are on limited fluids, divide your daily allowance between meals, snacks and medication times. Drinks which match Dialysis patients' dietary restrictions include: Juices such as apple, cranberry, grape, pineapple, peach nectar, raspberry or strawberry; Light-colored sodas such as 7-Up, Sprite, ginger ale, lemon-lime, root beer, club, cream, grape, orange or strawberry; and other good beverage choices like Kool-Aid, Capri-Sun, punch, homemade lemonade or limeade, tea, herbal tea, coffee, water, sparkling water or fruit-flavored water. Choose to enjoy a small beverage with lots of ice, no refills, and no cola.

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Also, after speaking with your Healthcare Team, most patients may feel free to complete their meal with a fresh apple, plum, peach, grapes, pineapple or strawberries, unsalted pretzels, popcorn, vanilla, lemon, spice cookies, cupcake, or a slice of cake. Just remember to pack your phosphorus binders.

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For meal ideas tailored for the Renal and Diabetic diets, check out the  Impact Meal section of (click here). What is your favorite food(s) to enjoy while on the go?

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