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Hemodialysis AV Fistula damage and/or failure is a major cause of hospitalization and death in Chronic Kidney Disease patients.


During Emergency situations or after surgery in the hospital, if you are unconscious, accidents can happen. Dialysis patients are a small minority, and many EMTs, Nurses and Lab Techs may not notice or know what a Dialysis Fistula is.


This could lead to mistakes such as blood being drawn or blood pressure cuffs being placed on your fistula arm which could cause your lifeline (fistula) to fail. 


But, now there is something YOU can do. is working along with Healthcare Professionals, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals, Nurses, and Doctors across the country to protect Dialysis patients' fistulas by looking-out for this No BP/No Stick Fistula Protector.


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