First Ever New Nationwide Incentive For Potential Kidney Donors May Open Door For More Donations

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Walgreens Inc. are collaborating to launch the first ever program in the United States which will allow necessary medical check-ups to be much more convenient and FREE for  Pre- and Post-Kidney Transplant Donors. UCSF performs the most Kidney Transplant procedures in the United States, and will provide vouchers to Living Kidney Transplant Donors and potential donors, redeemable for NO CHARGE at more than 4,500 Walgreens nationwide. 

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As you know, there are over 100,000 people with Chronic Kidney Disease who are waiting on the Kidney Transplant waiting list and Living Kidney Donations can greatly help reduce the 7 to 9 year wait times and 19 daily deaths of those who are waiting. While recipients of Living Donor Kidney Transplants require steady follow-up and long-term care, as do the Living Kidney Donors themselves. 

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"Why is stringent medical follow-up so necessary for Living Kidney Donors," you may ask? Well there are potential medical complications following donation. For instance, studies have shown that Blood Pressure can rise after the donation process. Hence, Blood Pressure is constantly monitored to prevent more serious complications from occurring. However, according to John's Hopkins Medicine,  several recent studies "have shown that donors tend to do as well or better than the general population in regard to long term medical complications."

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Thus by making consistent Blood Pressure readings less of a hassle and a quick, simple, and more convenient process at a potential donor's local Walgreens, it may just be the incentive necessary for those "on the fence" to actually become Living Kidney Donors. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Dr. John Roberts (UCSF Professor of Surgery and Former President of the United Network for Organ Sharing) said, “The use of Living Donors has revolutionized kidney transplants, and this new program provides the opportunity to monitor their long-term health in a convenient, efficient way.” 

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You should know that UCSF is the "first" Transplant Center to partake in this program so you may expect Walgreens to partner with additional centers across the country in the future to further address this critical need. Also, for more Daily News & Information about Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes remember to visit your #1 resource, every day!

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