First 3D-Bioprinted Transplantable Organ To Be Unveiled In Early 2015 With An Expected Kidney Date

Just days ago the California-based biotech firm Organovo announced that it was set to begin selling 3-D-printed liver tissue by the end of 2014 which in the next few years, "could also be used in patient treatment to replace small parts of organs or encourage cell regeneration." Now more exciting news for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community! On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 the Russian based news station, RT, reported - "The first living organ, created with the use of 3D-Bioprinter, will be released next year, Russian scientists announced." 

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You may ask, "What is 3D-Bioprinting?" Well basically, stem cells are removed from fat and used as "ink" so 3D-Bioprinting machines can literally print 3 dimensional organs. Still, however, viable transplantable organs have not yet been achieved. 

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While the Researchers at "3D Bioprinting Solutions Laboratory" chose to start by Bioprinting a Thyroid Gland because of its "simplicity;" Head Researcher, Professor Vladimir Mironov, has "aspirations to create a functional kidney in 2018." 3D Bioprinting Solutions Laboratory may very well have the ability to achieve this lofty goal, as the Russian Laboratory uniquely has the capacity to accommodate all known methods and approaches to 3D Bioprinting, Mironov told a local publication. It would represent a drastically collapsed timeline.

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This article is intended to serve as an update since has published other articles about 3D-Bioprinting. You may be aware that Harvard University, Stanford University, and other world leading institutions in Kidney Research are currently progressing the fields of Bioprinting and Kidney Rejuvenation. However, 3D Bioprinting Solutions Laboratory, is one of the only institutions that have offered solid dates which according to RT, "the result of the revolutionary technology will be unveiled on March 15 next year."

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Chronic Kidney Disease patients, especially those on Dialysis, should not foster a false sense of hope, though this new announcement is very exciting and in the not too distant future the technology may well be a successful option for the millions in need. That is the focus of Professor Mironov who openly stated, "Bioprinted kidneys will be of much more importance to medicine, as thyroid diseases are rarely fatal, while kidney malfunctions kill millions."  

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