Find out if this program is for you by answering the following questions:

  • Are you on Dialysis or at risk of needing Dialysis due to Kidney Failure?

  • Have you been unsuccessful in connecting with a matching Kidney Donor? 

  • Are you depressed, frustrated or concerned that long-term Dialysis seems highly likely?  

Then this program is for you! 

After signing up, a personal account manager will contact you to discuss your background. Your responses will then be passed along to the Social Media Team who will develop your personal and robust bio to share your story and effectively paint you as a 3-Dimensional person on Social Media. The Social Media Team will then include key terms and key words into your Bio and manage a strategic campaign to help improve your chances of connecting with potential Altruistic Living Kidney Donors. 


Kidney has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of patients share their stories and connect with potential Altruistic Living Kidney Donors. The following is just a small sample of what some successful clients said about their experiences with the Find A Kidney Donor Campaign:

Mark Smith: This was one of the best investments of time in money I have ever made. Thank you for all of your help. I can get my full life back again! (Click here to read more about Mark's journey).

Jimmy Macintosh: Just wanted to let you know that I am home and out of the hospital with my new kidney. You can end my campaign. Thanks!

Jean Wigo (Stephen's Wife): "Great news...Steve received his transplant June 4th!"

Barbara Parish: My father has received his Kidney Transplant...Thank you for all of your organization's help!

Michelle McMillin (Jacob's mother): "KidneyBuzz was the first place we turned to when overwhelmed with the thought of using social media to find a donor. The comfort it brings to have someone knowledgeable take this task on when you're faced with such incredible emotional stress and so little time is priceless! Thank you for all your help!"

Mark Brunie: "He came across my campaign, read my story and decided to donate. Thank you for everything you all have done." Click here to read about how Mark connected with his Living Kidney Donor.

Catherine Knapp: "This is Thomas Heglin's mom. First of all, we wanted to thank you and Kidney Buzz so much for everything you did. As you know Thomas did receive his new kidney. He is doing really well. We only had a minor set back with rejection in March but he's back on track now it's just his disease itself we are battling."

Pressley Harvin (30 year Dialysis patient): "I have received several responses and are following them up...Thank you for your ministry. It has been a blessing!!!"

Kiara Harris: "Thank you for all your help."

Valeska Chelminski: "I wanted to let you know the great news, I got a transplant...I've been at home recovering from surgery for about a week so I no longer need your help and I am now closing my account with you. Thank you."

Billy Raey: "Just wanted to share with you that on December 16, 2015, @ 9 am Cedar Sinai medical center called me and said they had a kidney for me and to come and get a transplant. that was 3 weeks ago. The kidney transplant IS working Super great."

Sean Regan: "Keep up the great work. I had thyroid cancer In July so Johns Hopkins is going to re-evaluate me as to when I can get the kidney. That kidney donor was instrumental in making happen. Thank you!"

Jan Farry: "I signed on with KidneyBuzz.  They helped put a page together for me.  But more than that, they supported me emotionally with the challenges I faced.  Emails and phone calls all giving me hope.  Within a short period of time, we had a few interested people.  One potential donor actually lived in Colorado Springs.  KidneyBuzz helped me with how to communicate with the potential donor.  I eventually met her face to face.  It was great.  She contacted the coordinator at my transplant center.  She started the testing.  She was all on board."

Sarah Wilson: "Yes, you can take me off the program! I got my kidney and doing very well!!! Again Thank You!"

Shocking Statistics about Kidney Transplants

  • According to UCLA, If just 0.5 percent of the nation’s adults became living kidney donors, the kidney transplant waiting list would be wiped out 15 times over.
  • There are over 100,000 people waiting for a Kidney Transplant 
  • Approximately, 4,500 people die every year waiting for a Kidney Transplant
  • Only 16,000 people get Kidney Transplants every year in the United States
  • Of the 16,000 annual Kidney Transplants, as many as 40% of them (or 6,400) come from Living Kidney Donors. 
  • Average national wait time for a Kidney Transplant is 5 to 7 years. 

Why don't more people offer to donate? 

There are people out there who are willing to be donors, but they have NO incentive to look into the Altruistic Donation process because they do not know anyone in their Family or close Friends that require a Transplant. Even those that do look into Kidney Donation decide against it because (1) they do not know the potential Recipient of their kidney, (2) they are unsure whether s/he will take care of it, or how much a Transplant would impact a Recipient's life. 

Now that is where comes in. By creating a robust, active, and engaging "Find A Kidney Donor" Campaign which draws on best practices that have proven successful for other clients, works feverishly to open you up to a world of new Potential Living Kidney Donors which improves your chances of connecting with one and receiving a Kidney Transplant.   

From our work, Potential Living Kidney Donors are drawn to your page by the vetted engaging content and other exclusive proven strategies. After reading your bio they understand your need and leave a comment asking "How can I help?" Or "If I was in your position, I would want someone to help. How can I find out if I am a match?" BINGO!

There is no contract or cancellation fee associated with the campaign which is only $48.00 for 4-weeks. You will have a personal Account Manager that will keep you posted every step of the way.  



Continuing Your Campaign

At the end of the initial 5-week term, you can: 
(1) Continue your campaign with; or
(2) Suspend your campaign with and take over the administrative role to manage it yourself. 

One client said, "$48.00 for a second chance at life: How could I say no?"  If you are on the fence, you should know that 4,500 people die every year while waiting for a Kidney Transplant and only 9,600 of the over 100,000 patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting list actually get a transplant from a Deceased Kidney Donor. The other 6,400 annual transplants come from a Living Kidney Donor.

Hence, beyond the fact that a Living Kidney Transplant typically lasts longer and has fewer complications, it is clearly to YOUR benefit to share your story and raise awareness of your need to reduce waiting 5 to 7 years (National average) for a Cadaver. brings the expertise, institutional memory, real life success, tested knowledge, and full-service team you need to help improve your results. If you have an amazing page and an effective, active campaign, all of which provides, then you are more likely to find a donor quicker than somebody whose page isn't as good.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this real?:

Yes of course! has become the largest Chronic Kidney Disease tailored resource outside of the National Kidney Foundation. We are also one of the most trusted resources in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community and reach over 50,000 Facebook Friends (click here) with 125,000+ individual visitors every month. If you would like to talk to someone in person, call (949) 378-9754.

Is this Legal?:

Yes, this program is 100% legal. We are using the power of Social Media to empower YOU. Everything does abides by the United Network for Organ Sharing rules. 

Are there similar services available?:

There is no other service like the "Find A Kidney Donor" Campaign available for those wanting a Kidney Transplant. The closest alternative ( costs $600.00.

I am interested, but I cannot afford the program. What can I do?:

Ask your family members and friends to sponsor your first month. keeps the price for the Find A Kidney Donor Campaign more affordable than any other similar program available. For many, a Kidney Transplant is literally a second chance at life. Do not just discard a quality program that may be just what you need to help. also offers payment plans. 

I do not live in the U.S. am I eligible?:

Yes. We have successfully worked with people from around the world.

I am not listed. Should I wait?:

No. If you think you are eligible to be listed, sign up today. You will have an active campaign and possibly a Potential Kidney Donor as soon as you get on the list.

I think I am close to getting a Kidney Transplant because I have been listed for so long. Should I still sign up?

The unfortunate fact is that you do not know exactly what number you are on your Kidney Transplant Waiting List. The selection process is quite complicated and in general is based on "medical need." What you do know is that you are on a waiting list with over 100,000 other people looking for a Kidney Transplant and only 9,600 are available from a Cadaver. Hence, you should try and do everything possible to improve your chances of connecting with a Living Kidney Donor.     

How do I suspend my program if I find a match or for another reason?

You can cancel any time for any reason. Simply email and request that your program be suspended. 


For more information, contact at (949) 378-9754.