Finally CKD & Dialysis Patients' Voices Are Becoming More Powerful & Causing Change




A viewer wrote about a sentiment to which many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients may empathize (understand and share), "My Dialysis Center is terrible. I complain, but I feel powerless and nothing happens. This is so depressing and demoralizing. Sometimes I feel like giving up."

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At some point in time, most Chronic Kidney Disease patients have felt powerless, especially those conducting Dialysis. Many shared the feeling that their voices were not being heard or that they were just a number on a list rather than an individual - which has not been far from the truth. However, there is a dramatic shift in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community that every patient should be aware of in which the voices of patients are becoming more powerful and creating significant, positive, and life-enhancing change. 

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In the past, decisions about patient care were made by Kidney Professionals, Medical Organizations, and Regulatory Agencies. The patients were not asked or given choices about their care, they were told what their treatment would be. Does this sound familiar? Well, as most patients realized, the results were poor with low-quality care, high mortality rates, and frequent infections. 

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Now, Healthcare Professionals are realizing that many issues within the Chronic Kidney Disease Community can be solved by including the insights and perspectives of patients as well as caregivers. Although, many Chronic Kidney Disease patients may see this progression as obvious and believe that it should have occurred long ago, until now it has been less than clear for the majority of the Healthcare Community. 

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Nonetheless, the results have been excellent. Lana Schmidt (Nephrology News) reported, "Feedback from patients has already brought about improvements and changes to Dialysis equipment and treatment protocols, such as adding laptops to Dialysis Treatments to record information, eliminating paper records, streamlining the machine set up process, and tweaking needle design and vein finders." Also, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has incorporated the testimonials of Dialysis patients in their Dialysis Facility Compare five-star quality rating system to further boost Dialysis patient treatments. 

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The growing power of the Dialysis patient voice extends beyond the Healthcare Industry. With vigorous petitioning lead by, the House Congressional Members recently passed the ESRD Act to lower patient out-of-pocket costs and improve dental coverage for Dialysis patients. 

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Let's keep this going and ensure that the voices of Chronic Kidney Disease patients continue to be heard. Click here to request that CMS immediately assigns Transitional Add-On reimbursement to the newly FDA Approved Iron Replacement Therapy called Triferic in order to boost patient energy levels and quality of life.

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