Famous Reporter, Megyn Kelly Highlights Kidney Donation On Primetime TV Show




Currently, there are over 100,000 people waiting on the Kidney Transplant List, and more than 13 people die every day while waiting for their life-saving Kidney Donor. However, there is a lot of misinformation about the process of Kidney Donation - especially as it relates to becoming a Living Kidney Donor. That is why it is always exceptional when mainstream media outlets with large platforms, publicize and highlight Living Kidney Donation as a safe and life-enhancing process. The famous report, Megyn Kelly, did exactly that in spectacular fashion on her primetime television show.

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Megyn Kelly TODAY (name of Megyn Kelly's television show) averages about 2.4 million viewers. Hence, when she covered the story of a 46 Living Kidney Donor Transplant Chain it reached millions of people, corrected myths and misconceptions about donation, and likely caused many to consider the idea of becoming a Living Kidney Donor. 

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