Famous NFL Football Player Suffers Kidney Failure And Conducts Dialysis While Awaiting Kidney Transplant



The shocking news of a famous and promising National Football League star now conducting Dialysis and awaiting a Kidney Transplant is going viral and causing a stir of possible donors for Pass Rusher, Armonty Bryant, and other patients in need who are not famous or well know at all.

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Mr. Bryant was a former Defensive End player for Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions. While he had a mixed career which included, suspensions, injuries, and time off between trades, he had to end his time at the NFL early and retire soon after being diagnosed with Kidney Failure.

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The elite player now spends his time conducting Peritoneal Dialysis and awaiting a call from the Kidney Transplant List. “They say the kidney is a silent killer,” said the 28-year-old ballplayer, “It’s true because I can tell you right now, I had nothing wrong with me. I had a little back issues, but that’s about it. I never thought that this could end my career, basically.”

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His wife, Kim (who is due to give birth to a child) noted that the situation is “completely depressing” her husband as he can’t transition to a post-football life while waiting to find a kidney donor. Depression and demoralization are natural feelings for many conducting Dialysis. The young Mr. Bryant thought he had found a Living Kidney Donor that matched his type-O blood, but further tests showed it was not meant to be due to matching issues and the possibility of that donor giving a kidney fell through.

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Now his story is inspiring others to consider being tested for donation to Mr. Bryant and others. One kindhearted person with the online forum name Objectivefbfan wrote, "I got two. Someone needs one. I don’t know where to get tested but whether it is him or someone else facing a similar situation, I would give on[e] up in a heartbeat. Not even a thought." Another wrote, "I am O negative 45yrs old and seeing how young he is I would be willing to donate…just don’t know how to." Yet, another potential donor with the screen name Gaoneal02 inquired: "[What's your] blood type?"

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The former defensive terror, Mr. Bryant remains hopeful and posted to his Instagram, "This is just the start of something out of this world huge! Be ready and stay tuned for all that’s coming from the Bryant’s!" Let's support his journey and request that he uses his platform to promote the need for more Living Kidney Donors as well as Deceased Donation (donation after death). In either case, the process is safe, humane, and life-changing for Kidney Transplant Recipients. Sign the below petition to show your support:

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