Face Masks Intended To Prevent Germs Could Actually Be Harmful For CKD And Diabetics

Wearing a Surgical Mask is at times a must for Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients. For instance when they have the Common Cold at their Dialysis Center or during Flu season to prevent from catching an infection. Being proactive in this way is important for those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes because, as you know, their immune system is already weakened due to their diseases. 

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The question then is, "Does wearing a Face Mask help YOU avoid catching an infection." Recent studies conclude that the answer is, "Yes!" Both the International Journal of Infectious Disease and the Annals of Internal Medicine reported similar findings of 70% to 80% avoidance of the Flu and cold when tested individuals washed their hands and correctly wore a Face Mask. The important word here is CORRECTLY.

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You may be surprised to learn that in a study done by the United States National Public Radio (NPR), 25% of people studied wore their Face Masks completely wrong; 22% of whom wore it upside down, increasing the risk of infection. To verify that you are wearing your mask with the right side up, your folds on the top layer of the mask should flip down to cover your chin and the metallic strip should be secured over the nose. If the metallic strip is under your chin then your mask is upside down. 

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Here is another surprise: While many people figure that the white part of the mask is to face outward and the colored portion is supposed to touch their month, that is wrong. Although many wear their mask the proper way, in terms of pulling it over their nose, crimping the metal nose piece securely, and pulling the bottom of the mask down over their chin, they don't realize the colored side of the mask should face OUT. Has that happened to you? 

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Regarding how long you should wear the mask before throwing it out, eight hours is the recommended time. Yet if you have to breath heavily through your mouth, and your mask gets all moist and disgusting, change it more frequently. In general, never use the same mask twice, and put on a new mask right away if the present one becomes wet or damaged in any way.

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Before putting on a surgical mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. This will prevent any bacteria on your hands from transferring to the mask. Also, wash hands thoroughly after removing the mask to avoid germ transfers. If you found this article useful, share it on Facebook with your friends as well. 


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