Evidence Shows: Social Media Assists CKD/Dialysis Patients In Successfully Obtaining Kidneys




“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and it still blows me away,” said Dr. Liise Kayler (Chief of Kidney and Pancreas Transplants at Erie County Medical Center) about Living Kidney Donors who donate to strangers they meet on Social Media. She continued, "It's huge! A lot of times, if we have a recipient that doesn’t have a donor, we recommend (to) let people on Facebook know, get the word out." In an exciting and promising recent trend, significantly increasing numbers of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are finding success in getting off of the Kidney Transplant Waiting List and connecting with willing Altruistic (Selfless) Kidney Donors by simply sharing their story effectively on Social Media.

“It is interesting that it is growing,” noted Dr. Kayler. For instance, Dave Greber, reported for News 4 (WIVB) that, Cheryl Yurek, altruistically donated her kidney to a Chronic Kidney Disease patient in need, Gail Kleparek. Doctors believed that Gail would have "likely died on that list." However, by using the power of Social Media, she was able to connect with a total stranger, Cheryl, who was willing and able to give Gail the help she needed - a second chance at a full life without Dialysis - by donating a Kidney. Within days Cheryl was out of the hospital while Gail recovered. 

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Again, Dr. Kayler said that she is seeing a "big increase in situations like Kleparek’s, where a stranger reaches out to change a life thanks to a link created by social media," reported News 4 (WIVB). Are you next? Could your lifesaving Altruistic Living Kidney Donor be right under your nose? 

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Interested donors should know that Dr. Kayler stated, "After you donate, you get to live with that [for] the rest of your life. You get to live with that feeling that you really helped someone in a really significant way.” If you are a Chronic Kidney Disease or Dialysis patient and you agree with Dr. Kayler's  sentiment, then take action:

1.) Like and Share this article and video with your Family and Friends so they are aware of the life changing effect they can have as a Living Kidney Donor.

2.) Share your story on Social Media.

3.) Do not become discouraged. While some patients such as, Eddie Beatrice, connect with their lifesaving matching donor within minutes of sharing their need on Social Media, in most cases it takes a longer time. However, if done effectively, you should see progress. 

4.) Sign up for the KidneyBuzz.com, Find A Kidney Donor Campaign, to help develop, launch and manage a customized and tailored effective campaign to improve your chances of connecting with potential Living Kidney Donors. Sign up here >>> http://bit.ly/1qjQ4hb

KidneyBuzz.com knows just how powerful Social Media can be if used effectively. We have had the privilege of connecting with millions of people from around the world since our launch just over two (2) years ago;  thanks in part to our  Social Media outreach. We would be honored to help you share your need for a Living Kidney Donor and improve your chances.

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