ESRD Patients Can Help Themselves While Helping Others By Volunteering


With your busy lives it can be difficult for those suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering can be enormous to you and the CKD Community. Sometimes it takes an unconventional method to help improve one's mental or physical health. According to a recent report by the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine, volunteering can lead those with CKD to be happier and healthier in their lives as well as improve their mental and physical health. Since you are donating your valuable time, it is important that you enjoy and benefit from your decision to volunteer.

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Volunteer work is an excellent way to build one's confidence, self esteem and show empathy towards your fellow man. It also has a way of putting our own lives into perspective. Many of the day-to-day grievances which you may be preoccupied with often pale in comparison when you consider the hardship and lack faced by others on a continual basis.

The strong emphasis placed on team work and working together to achieve a common goal can serve as a great foundation upon which to build lifelong friendships. The sense of community and camaraderie found among the members of service organizations can make new members feel welcomed, regardless of their age.
There is a wide range of volunteering options available for you including: a peer support role (volunteering for an organization which works with others that have CKD), campaigning or fundraising, or even writing original articles for Remember that your personal experience with a chronic disease offers a perspective and understanding that are invaluable to any volunteer organization.

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Finally, volunteerism simply makes those suffering with CKD feel good. Knowing that your small sacrifice or contribution - be it monetary or otherwise - provided needed help to someone else can engender a feeling of accomplishment and pride on your part, hopefully becoming the catalyst for the continuation of more good deeds. Let your volunteer organization know that you have CKD so they can work with you on matters such as flexible hours, limited stress, and physical limitations.

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Though your efforts may not be rewarded financially, the indelible mark you will make on the lives of others cannot be quantified. So despite the challenges that would undoubtedly accompany such undertakings, you should consider making a new or renewed effort to give back to the CKD community. It will probably be one of the most rewarding decisions you would have ever made.  

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