Not Paying Attention to Weight Worsens Kidney Damage

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The leading cause of kidney disease is diabetes.  If left untreated it will progress to end stage renal disease (ESRD), leaving a person with no alternatives other than to begin dialysis, get a kidney transplant or die.  It’s a vicious cycle that must be broken.

Regurgitating the obvious lines about living a healthy lifestyle, eating a proper diet and exercising regularly seems like preaching to the choir, and I’m in a shouting mood right now.   It just can’t be said enough, the importance of eating food to obtain the highest health benefit, or reducing daily stress.  Even if you are not in a position to exercise regularly, exercise when you can.

Organic Food or Not

Organic food is outrageously overpriced and not often accessible to the average person, so eat more non organic fruits and vegetables after removing their skin.  Eat more meals prepared at home rather than fast food restaurants.  Eat more unprocessed food, more steamed food, squeeze out as much nutrition from your food as possible.   By doing this, you help arrest this horrible rising over-weight, diabetic and chronic kidney disease statistic. 

Reposition Your Thoughts For Life

Reading this article, you may think you’re a great distance

down the road of bad habits and have already begun experiencing the negative results of having rejected good advice.  Stop thinking that way!  Right now is as good a time as any to start living life for the long haul rather than quick stops.  Chronic Kidney Disease is irreversible, but there are many treatment options to slow its progression.   

Read the excellent tips at Kidney Coach to help better manage kidney disease.

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