Dialysis Patients Worry About Their Fistulas Maturing & Working Well - A Tool Coming To Assist.




UPDATE: The KidneyBuzz.com Team was first impressed by the Fist Assist Device after learning that the cutting edge technology  had been shown to both help Chronic Kidney Disease patients mature their Dialysis AV Fistulas faster as well as improve Dialysis Treatment outcomes with better cleanings. Patients eagerly asked when the advancement would be available. Well, Fist Assist Devices LLC, Cheif Executive Officer and President, Dr. Tej M. Singh has outreached to KidneyBuzz.com with an exclusive update on the rapid progress of the innovative device.

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According to the CEO, the Fist Assist "continues to demonstrate significant clinical benefit for fistula maturation." After presenting findings from a human trial with 25 patients at The Controversies in Dialysis Access 2016 meeting, the Fistula maturation (the process of maturing) and strengthening device caught the attention of industry leaders such as DaVita Inc. (second largest Dialysis organization in the United States).

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What's even more surprising is the rapid development of this innovative device. Dr. Singh noted, "Further data analysis is coming and hopefully sale of the device in 2017!" Yet again, this highlights that new technologies are becoming available faster than ever before to help improve the life and longevity of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. We are equally as hopeful for developments such as the Artificial Implantable Kidney and Kidney Rejuvenation among other groundbreaking Chronic Kidney Disease related advancements. 

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ORIGINAL: The Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula is a surgical connection between an artery and a vein and is considered the Gold Standard (the best, most reliable) for Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Hemodialysis because infections are rare, fewer complications occur, and they can last many more years than other options. All Dialysis patients know how important it is to have a healthy functioning AV Fistula to help ensure good treatment cleanings, improved quality of life, and even longevity. It takes approximately six (6) to twelve (12) weeks for the Fistula to mature and be usable for Dialysis. However, many Fistulas still fail to mature causing serious complications such as infection, bleeding, arm swelling, tingling in the fingers, and lack of oxygen to the hand which could result in further issues. Well, the cutting edge Fist Assist device, developed by Dr. Tej M. Singh (Vascular Surgeon), has been shown to help Chronic Kidney Disease patients mature their AV Fistula faster and improve Dialysis Treatment results.

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The Fist Assist is an affordable home device that will let patients improve the maturation of their Fistula Arm. The battery operated portable product fits around a Dialysis patient's arm and intermittently (stopping and starting repeatedly) compresses the Fistula to help it enlarge faster and develop the vein sooner. Although it  is in trials, early results show faster vein maturation, better vein quality, less time using a chest catheter (most dangerous Dialysis Access option), and less bleeding while on Dialysis. Isn't that great?

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Many people are curious to know how long an AV Fistula can last. While there is no specific average, the AV Fistula is expected to last longer than a Graft Fistula (1 to 2 years) and has lasted as long as 35 years in some patients (most of whom had Kidney Transplants, but maintained their functioning Fistulas) according to DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. Granted, most patients are unable to maintain their Fistula for 35 years, but the overall longevity of the AV Fistula still makes it the best choice for most Hemodialysis patients. 

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Hence, while this new device may be promising for a patient who is new to Dialysis and recently had their Fistula placed, it also could be equally as beneficial for a veteran Dialysis patient who may need to undergo surgery and replace his/her AV Fistula.

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Fist Assist Devices, LLC. is based out of Los Altos Hills, California and is taking a big step forward to help Chronic Kidney Disease patients take AV Fistula maturation into their own hands, which may help them prevent complications and improve Dialysis Treatments. More United States trials are planned in 2017. KidneyBuzz.com is one of the first resources to report on the cutting edge Fist Assist device and how it could greatly improve the quality of life for Dialysis patients. 

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