Dialysis Patient Willing To Die If Policy Is Not Changed For Patients To Better Afford Treatment




There are over 600,000 patients conducting Dialysis according to Cleveland Clinic Nephrologist, Dr. Emilio Poggio. A growing number of Dialysis patients are choosing to transition from In Center Hemodialysis to a preferred Home Dialysis Treatment Option. While Home Dialysis has been proven to have superior health outcomes to other treatments, patients who would otherwise consider the modality as well as those who are currently conducting Home Dialysis are finding it unaffordable due to hidden costs. What's more, elevated costs associated with transportation, electricity and water are a struggle for all Dialysis patients. Reno Lee Brandt, currently conducts Home Hemodialysis and is all too familiar with funding gaps associated with Dialysis Treatments. On behalf of the community he has announced that he will stop Dialysis and die if appropriate funding is not soon provided to Dialysis patients. 

Brandt, "is so upset with a government agency, he is willing to end his life if nothing is done," reported Stephanie Goetz of the Valley News Live. Like most Dialysis patients likely feel, Reno noted one of his biggest challenges is getting "ends to meet." The Medicare funds he gets from the Department Of Human Services is just not enough to pay for the water, electricity, travel and other hidden costs associated with Dialysis, and Red Tape Policies (rigid conformity to formal rules that is considered redundant or bureaucratic and hinders or prevents action) are preventing him from getting the additional help he desperately needs.

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Reno knows that he is not alone and others in the community are suffering through his similar struggle. He wants to make a difference and said if nothing is done, he will request to enter hospice and die. Reno's goal is to have government officials, law makers and others struggling to stand up and provide Dialysis patients with the financial support they need to live.  Is Reno a martyr? 

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If you stand with Reno and support his mission to raise awareness of the need for additional support for Dialysis patients then complete the below form. Signatures will be sent to the Department Of Human Services and other agencies who may be able to help. Ultimately, we are all in this together. 

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