Dialysis Patient Social Security Benefits At Risk: Sign Petition To Preserve & Expand Program

Many Dialysis patients are unable to work and rely on their Social Security to fund their day-to-day necessities which most have paid into for their entire working lives. That is why it is alarming when some Politicians in the United States Congress appear to be pushing Legislation to cut Social Security Benefits which would be devastating to the over 600,000 Dialysis patients in the United States as well as other disabled groups, retired Americans, and military veterans.

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Even for those Dialysis patients who actively strive to maintain employment, they are usually unable to work full time jobs to fund their necessities. As Chronic Kidney Disease patients know, it is difficult to work because of bone pain, fatigue caused by anemia, shortness of breath, trouble with exertion, or swelling of the knees or feet. These symptoms can cause problems with walking, standing for long periods of time, and conducting every day work. This is especially true for those on Dialysis.

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That is why patients who conduct Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis are almost automatically eligible to receive Social Security after the mandatory application and review process. In fact, even after a Chronic Kidney Disease patient receives a Kidney Transplant they are given 12 months of Social Security Disability automatically. Moreover, after the first year the Social Security Department will evaluate ongoing disability eligibility if a patient is still unable to work.

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The argument against Social Security is that benefits need to be "cut now so they will not have to be cut later." Do you agree with this sentiment? The organization, Strengthen Social Security, does not and suggested that, "Social Security works, and an overwhelming majority of Americans want the program to be expanded, not cut."

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We encourage YOU to share your voice. If you believe that Social Security is a program which should be preserved and even include expanded benefits such as adjusting to account for the true cost-of-living due to inflation on products and services Chronic Kidney Disease patients buy, sign the petition below.

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The KidneyBuzz.com Team hopes that you will join us in sending a strong message to members of Congress (in both parties) stating that, "Social Security should be preserved and responsibly expanded - NOT cut!" Also, for more Daily News and Information which teaches those with Chronic Kidney Disease how to better manage their lives, visit KidneyBuz.com every day.

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