Dialysis Patient Lifesaving FDA Approved Device Ignored By Many Clinics




There are over 600,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis. Yet, many patients do not realize that 2,100 Dialysis needles become dislodged every day around the world, leading to 21 patients being injured daily due to needles coming loose, and 21 patients dying weekly as a result of this unfortunate occurrence. The good news is that there is Redsense - a device approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration that could protect patients against needle dislodgement. However, most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are not aware of Redsense because it is a device that has been largely ignored and not implemented in many Dialysis Clinics across the United States.

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Needle Dislodgement during Dialysis is unpredictable, very serious, and in many cases life-threatening. Redsense is a protective device that is attached to a Dialysis patient's arm during treatment in order to continuously monitor the venous needle at the access site. Although Redsense is easy to use and operates silently while it continuously monitors the venous needle, if blood is detected at the needle access, it immediately sounds a loud alarm to alert Chronic Kidney Disease patients as well as their Dialysis Nurses, Patient Care Technicians, family members or attendants.   

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This Dialysis "blood loss detector" is so effective that the device is said to be used widely in Dialysis Clinics across Europe. However, only a handful of Dialysis Clinic in the U.S. including the Veteran’s Administration and the Cleveland Clinic use Redsense. 

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All Chronic Kidney Disease patients agree that the ultimate goal of Dialysis should always be safety and effectiveness, whether it is done In-Center or at Home. Hence, Redsense should be available to all of those conducting Dialysis in order to improve safety and limit the risk of bleeding out. 

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