Dialysis Patient Found Dead Outside Of Dialysis Center Raises Questions




It is unfortunate to have to report an apparent increase in violence directed to Chronic Kidney Disease patients conducting Dialysis - especially during early morning shifts. We have previously shared cases of patients encountering threats, robberies, attempted thefts, controversial exchanges, and even murders. Similarly, the sad news has been relayed to KidneyBuzz.com that an investigation is underway after a patient was found shot to death in his SUV outside a Dialysis Center in Los Angeles, California. This raises important questions about patient safety and KidneyBuzz.com is encouraging Dialysis patients and their loved ones to take action by completing the following request:

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Ray Garcia, a 40-year-old Dialysis patient who - like many patients - was awaiting his Dialysis Center to open for the first shift treatment. Linda Rodarte, A friend of Mr. Garcia said, "Ray preferred to take care of the Dialysis Treatment early in the day," according to NBC Southern California. 

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By all accounts, Ray was a "nice guy," and no one knows who would have wanted to harm him. Perhaps Ray was a victim of a random attack? Regardless at 3:30 AM, before his treatment, Mr. Garcia was shot dead in his SUV.

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Ms. Rodarte said that in recent years Ray was suffering from a stroke, lost vision in one eye, and had also been coping with Diabetes.  It is very disheartening that on top of dealing with health complications, patients must also constantly monitor their own safety in order to attend their necessary Dialysis Treatments.

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It was reported that throughout the day, the DaVita Dialysis Center had visible armed security outside its entrance, but many likely wonder if such measures should not have been taken earlier and should be maintained for vulnerable In-Center Dialysis patients? While a single guard was on duty, he was inside when the shooting occurred which may indicate the need for more and better security to protect patients at Dialysis Centers.

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Garcia was the father of five children, his youngest still living at home. While we observe the memory of Ray Garcia, an important question should be asked, "Should Dialysis Centers have more security to protect patients?" If you think that the answer is YES then sign the below petition:

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