Dialysis Clinics Are Getting A Makeover, But Is It Affecting Patients' Quality Care?

Credit: Dialyspa.com

Credit: Dialyspa.com

While at most Dialysis Clinics there are modern conveniences such as personal televisions and reclining chairs, most have the unmistakable feeling of a hospital, wouldn't you agree? Well, studies are finding that for the typical Dialysis patient, this is a turn off. 

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Patients who are dissatisfied with the clinical feeling of their Dialysis facilities, have been known to skip treatments or transfer to other treatment centers where they feel more comfortable. In an effort to retain more patients and encourage those on Dialysis to attend regular treatments, Dialysis Companies are giving their facilities a makeover. They have one primary goal: Make their clinics feel less like a hospital and more like a spa, by dispelling "the clinical air of typical dialysis treatment."

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Currently, one of the first things Chronic Kidney Disease patients on Dialysis may notice when walking into their Dialysis Clinics are the walls which are usually all white or a standard, neutral hospital color, right? Trash cans scatter most facilities to safely dispose of waste, and the smell of sanitizer and sterile cleaning solution typically fill the air. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal's Sunday September 14th, 2014 publication, many Dialysis Companies are, "upgrading their décor and offering free amenities from aromatherapy to tea service." 

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You may ask, "Which companies are upgrading their facilities?" Specific names mentioned were KidneySpa LLC., Dialyspa, and Fresenius in North America (treats about one-third of U.S. dialysis patients). Fresenius specifically plans to increase high-bandwidth Internet access to more of its Dialysis Centers, along with adding heated chairs and upgraded architectural design. 

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This all may sound great, but patients should be mindful of the fact that a pretty and decorated exterior/interior does not necessarily mean quality care. Hence remain watchful that Patient Care Technicians abide by the same rules such as washing their hands and changing gloves, even as these upgrades may occur in your facility.  Dr. Joseph Vassalotti (National Kidney Foundation) told the Wall Street Journal,  "The ambience and the quality of care may not be related."

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