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Dialysis Patients' Rights Book


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What’s The Dialysis Patients' Rights Book?

  • It's small (the little book that can)

  • Easy to read and follow

  • No complicated jargon

  • Filled with important information that can be put to use immediately to get results

  • It empowers you so you could represent yourself

  • The book is loaded with examples to help improve outcomes

  • These inside secrets are not generally known to the patients and this little book is filled with them.

  • What is a good dialysis treatment worth to you?

This easy-to-read guide can be read from cover-to-cover in one sitting and referred back to for your entire time on dialysis (until you get a kidney transplant or a kidney breakthrough!). You will learn:

*  The precise steps to take to correct any issue at dialysis, kidney transplant center or your healthcare team while remaining anonymous and avoiding retribution or reprisal.

* How to ensure positive actions to concerns.

* How to evaluate and follow up on issues while remaining anonymous.

* How to determine where to find the best avenues to address concerns.

*  What actions to take to ensure that you are appreciated and respected at your dialysis center.

*  What the perfect first actions for you to take to address your problems and actions that you should never take.

* Why contacting certain agencies may provide you with the greatest gain.

* How to effectively use online outreach.

* How to know what areas you should look at to ensure are running well for your dialysis care and even how to get the treatment that you deserve.

* You also get an inside look at the exact examples from real patients who have contacted and how they had their issues resolved.

* This is not a book that JUST lists your rights or giving you insights from an ivory tower/theory or a book that is what a professional would do if he/she were in your shoes.

* It is an on the ground guide that highlights clear ways about how to apply, address, and promptly correct any issues you have at dialysis and improve your overall treatment and outcomes for you or your loved one.

* And explode your results on dialysis by helping to minimize stress and frustration and improving empowerment



KIDNEYBUZZ.COM'S MUCH ANTICIPATED DIALYSIS PATIENTS’ RIGHTS BOOK IS HERE! covers the mistakes made that have caused patients to be blacklisted, removed from their dialysis centers, and worse, the real-life experiences of patients who have had poor outcomes with dialysis as a result of errors, politics or avoidable problems, and direct easy-to-implement ways to move forward successfully and reduce pain, fear, feeling so drained and more as a result of dialysis. shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to help build huge success as a dialysis patient and maintain results. We outline the perfect solutions for you in this easy-to-read guide that you'll likely want to read from cover-to-cover in one sitting again and again.

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What kind of action should you take to remain anonymous and correct any and all issues you have at dialysis?

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How can you do it and what are the obstacles? 

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What exactly is so good about correcting the issues that you are experiencing at dialysis?



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