Dialysis Becomes Less Painful And Safer For CKD With New Single Needle Option. Already FDA Approved.

UPDATE: A member of the KidneyBuzz.com Team came across a blog post which detailed a Dialysis patient's experience with the new Single Needle Dialysis Technology, NxStage Medical Inc.'s OneSite. He shared, "I have been on medium single needle Dialysis. This has meant much less pain during and after Dialysis. I have also felt better after the dialysis, probably due to less blood being filtered." 

The patient continued, "So overall I’m feeling a lot more positive about life. I think that is important if you are undergoing a treatment such as Dialysis." Hence, the new Single Needle technology appears to offer a better quality of life and less pain. Surprisingly, however, it appears to be less effective at filtering the same amount of blood as the two needle option, according to this patient's experience. 

KidneyBuzz.com will continue to keep you updated on this exciting new technological breakthrough. If you have tried NxStage Medical Inc.'s OneSite (Single Needle), then please feel free to email contact@kidneybuzz.com and share your experience.  

PREVIOUS: The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved NxStage Medical Inc.'s OneSite single Dialysis needle design which is expected "to provide patient comfort during needle insertion and Dialysis treatment, as well as preservation of the patient's vascular access," according to a Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 Press Release. The OneSite uses a unique dual lumen (duel port) needle design that is offered in both a sharp version (MasterGuard) and a buttonhole version (SteriPick). This will allow a Hemodialysis patient to have only one needle inserted per Dialysis treatment instead of the current two needle treatments: Reducing the number of needles a patient must endure during Dialysis by 50%. 

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Isn't this exciting? With this new needle technology Dialysis patients will only have to be stuck once when conducting their regular Hemodialysis treatments. NxStage Medical Inc. suggested that specifically for those who use the buttonhole technique, "The combination of single site and buttonhole access greatly reduces the challenges of self-cannulation (self sticking) for Dialysis patients." 

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Beyond reducing pain and allowing some increased level of comfort, the OneSite method also is expected to improve safety. One example of this is if a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's needle becomes dislodged during his/her Dialysis Treatment, the Dialysis Machine will immediately alarm which is not necessarily the case now. I am sure that you (of all people) recognize the huge safety enhancement in preventing adverse events associated with Dialysis needle dislodgement (extreme loss of blood, severe anemia, and even death).    

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This single needle technology has already been approved in Europe and Canada, but Joseph E. Turk (President, NxStage Medical Inc.) called FDA's approval, "a meaningful step forward in advancing the care of dialysis patients." I know what you are likely thinking, "When and where can I get these needles?" Well, while NxStage is able to make OneSite available in the United States, they did not announce when they would begin providing these specific needles. Their announcement was rather recent so discuss it with your Dialysis coordinator. Moreover, if you are an In-Center patient, discuss with your clinic manager if and/or when they intend to offer this new cannulation option.  

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