Delaying A Kidney Transplant May Result In Not Being Able To Get One At All


For some Chronic Kidney Disease patients including those on Dialysis a Kidney Transplant is a must-have. These patients cannot envision leading their entire lives on Dialysis because they do not feel as though they will have a full and long life conducting treatments. However, many patients who desire a Kidney Transplant are unfortunately simply waiting on the  list for their phone to ring. While this strategy is completely understandable, it is growing less-and-less effective due to rule changes, an increasing demand for Kidney Transplants, and a decreasing supply of deceased donor kidneys available for transplant. In fact, in many cases, patients are waiting for a Kidney Transplant for so long that other health complications which arise while conducting Dialysis make it even less likely that they are able to receive a transplant.

One regular viewer described how she was an eligible match for her father who refused to accept a Kidney Transplant from her. She wrote, "It's been three years, and my dad has still not received a transplant. He was on the list, and even made it to the top 50, but due to cardiac and respiratory problems, he is now physically unable to survive such major surgery." Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients feel conflicted about accepting a kidney from their loved one saying, "I don't want you to need it one day and not have it. I love you too much, and I would never be able to live with myself." Still, patients who desire a Kidney Transplant should not just wait on the list for a call, and instead, find means of outreaching and sharing their stories to improve the chances of connecting with possible Living Kidney Donors.

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The average waiting time for a cadaver (deceased donor) kidney is five (5) years according to Donate Life. However, many patients are waiting much longer and according to a Kidney International study, "Longer waiting times on Dialysis negatively impact post-transplant graft (kidney) and patient survival." What's more, patients conducting Dialysis for extended periods are at a higher risk of developing other serious conditions such as Cardiovascular (heart-related) Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease (stroke), Malignant Tumors (cancerous), Vascular Calcification (highly correlated with Cardiovascular Disease mortality), Diabetes, and atrophy of the bladder (urinary problems). 

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If you desire a Kidney Transplant and life off of Dialysis, a major key to achieving that goal is actively sharing your story and finding ways to connect with a wider group of people who may want to be tested as an altruistic (generous) Living Kidney Donor. Time is of the essence! Dr. Michael Goldstein (Jackson Memorial Hospital) along with other Kidney Transplant Surgeons across the country are reinforcing the fact that Facebook is effective in helping with the process of connecting Kidney Donors with patients in need of a Kidney Transplant. "These days, Facebook is helping in the process to connect donors and recipients," suggested Dr. Goldstein. 

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For instance, Amy Waggoner saw a Facebook Post from a Chronic Kidney Disease patient in need of a Kidney Transplant and ended up being a perfect match to donate a kidney. She noted, "When I saw this, something beyond myself compelled me to go get the test. I can't explain that. I would never normally do something like that." If you need help in effectively sharing your story, feel free to click here and sign up for the Find A Kidney Donor Campaign. Also, click here to read about how the program assisted Mark Brunie in connecting with his matching Living Kidney Donor and getting off of Dialysis.

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There are a number of strategies a patient can pursue along with Social Media in order to improve the chances of connecting with potential donors. This includes: Passing out fliers, customizing bumper stickers to place on the cars of family members and friends, connecting with a local newspaper, and calling into a local radio show and asking them to share your need with their listeners. Ultimately, most people want to help others in need so do not be shy or prideful about sharing your story. You never know who will volunteer to be a possible donor. 

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