CVS Reveals Details Of New Groundbreaking Dialysis Option To Improve CKD Patients Freedom And Quality Of Life



CVS Health Corporation, National Drug Store Operator, recently announced a new initiative focused on the development of a new Dialysis Device that is intended to offer Chronic Kidney Disease patients more freedom, improved quality of life, as well as increased safety.

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CVS Health announced that they will be entering the Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis Industry to offer better options and care for patients. The new device has been designed to make Home Hemodialysis safe and simple and is planned for upcoming U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission to obtain market clearance. 

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While official renderings have not been released, Dr. Bruce Culleton (Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of CVS Specialty) did provide insights in an interview with Nephrology News. He noted that, "We have many ideas to make this work. While existing products are available for Home Hemodialysis, we are developing new technology intended to make longer, more frequent treatments easy, safe and simple." according to reporter, Mark E. Neumann. The large Healthcare Related Company expects to begin Human Trials for its new Dialysis Device in 2018.

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CVS Health also intends on supporting, "Proven devices" that are available today. Could this include promising research breakthroughs such as the Artifical Implantable Kidney, Wearable Artificial Kidney, or even Kidney Regeneration? Well, we will have to wait and see. Dr. Culleton did mention that the company has plans to release more information in the coming months, and will keep you closely updated on exciting news.

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The addition of a new company that appears even more focused on patient care, success, and quality of life is welcomed news for many Chronic Kidney Disease patients currently conducting Dialysis Treatments. The good doctor added, "We will be expanding the company’s presence in kidney care, developing strategic partnerships, recruiting talent and engaging with the kidney disease community over the coming months." 

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