Could Garlic and Ginger be good for those suffering with CKD or on Dialysis?

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If you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) especially if you are End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on hemo or peritoneal dialysis, you are probably on a restricted diet. Some of you can benefit from natural remedies like ginger or garlic if they fit in your recommended treatment (dietary) plan.

Ginger is an aromatic root which has a strong flavor and is used in a variety of recipes. It can be found in whole root form as a powder or in teas and ginger ale. In the past, ginger was used as a food preservative and as a remedy for indigestion. It is still used today to treat nausea a fairly common symptom of dialysis patients.

Garlic, related to the onion family, has a strong flavor and nutty smell. It is commonly used in recipes. Historically seen as a preservative, medicine, and to ward off evil spirits. Studies have shown that this vegetable prevents cancer. But it is best known and used for cooking.

Although garlic and ginger can neither prevent or cure Kidney Disease, they can still benefit CKD and dialysis patients in very significant ways. In the case of ginger, its benefits against indigestion and nausea can help dialysis patients when they are experiencing these symptoms. All dialysis patients should avoid salt and sodium. Garlic can be used as a welcomed substitute for salt to flavor your cooking. suggests that you check with your healthcare team before you make any changes (no matter how minor) to your dietary plan. Your dietitian can help you to plan your meals to include ginger and garlic as well as take into account your prescription medication.

 "Are Ginger & Garlic Good for Those Who Have Kidney Problems and Are Undergoing Dialysis?" -

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