Confessions Of A Kidney Donor For Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients




Many healthy individuals are hesitant to pursue the prospect of being a living kidney donor because they are fearful of the process. They believe that it is dangerous and can impact their short-term and/or long-term health and survival. By-and-large, this is completely understandable, but the facts suggest that serving as a living kidney donor is not only safe, it is both straightforward and highly rewarding. This is what the kind-hearted, generous selfless donor, Allyssa Bates, came to find after she donated to her brother. Now she is on a mission to educate people about the donation process from the donor's perspective (view the video below).

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If you are a selfless individual who would like more information about serving as a living kidney donor, then click here. Also, if you are a patient who would like assistance in meeting potential donors, join the Find A Kidney Donor Program today (click here). 

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