CKD and Diabetics Should Know That Sitting Too Much Contributes To Cancers And More

Sitting is an essential part of most Diabetic and Chronic Kidney Disease patients' lives, especially those on Dialysis. When their Blood Sugar spikes or dips, Diabetics may need to sit down for an extended period of time to recover, right? The same goes for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, who may suffer abrupt fluctuations in their Blood Pressure. Moreover, sitting is important for Dialysis patients to safely conduct their treatments, and even after their treatment they may sit until they recouperate. 

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Given the background, it may be very alarming to Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients that studies have suggested that sitting for extended periods of time can cause or worsen Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, and most recently Colon or Endometrial cancers. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute released a study on Monday, June 16th, 2014 which found that people who spent the "bulk" of their day sitting had 24% increased risk of Colon and a 32% higher risk of developing Endometrial (uterine cavity) cancers.

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What's more, for every 2-hour increase in overall sitting time the risk of cancer rose 8% (Colon) to 10% (Endometrial). Now how many times have you heard, "Exercise can truly be the best medicine!" While exercise is important, many Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics find it very difficult to conduct regular exercise due to their immediate and secondary health complications. Exercise alone is no silver bullet in this situation regardless, as Researchers suggested that the risks remained even for "folks who squeeze in some time at the gym but still spend most of their day off their feet."

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Well, then you must be thinking, "What can I do to protect myself from these risks." The best thing for you to do is stay as active as you can. On days which you feel good enough to take a walk, do so. Also do not nest in one area of your home, find reasons to move from one area to another when you have the energy. Getting outside also helps. Try driving to the beach or park and walking over to a bench or strolling around. Just try to stay as active as you can without overexerting yourself which may cause other health complications. 

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