Chronic Kidney Disease Short Film Going Viral Assisting Community In Reaching Important Goals

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The Centers for Medicare and & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo saying they intend to issue the final rule for the End-Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System and Quality Incentive Program on or before Nov. 27.  By now many people in the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Community understand that recommended changes to the ESRD program proposed July 1st, will cut funding for dialysis by 12 percent, or $30 dollars on each $246 payment that Medicare would pay per treatment in 2014. Moreover, reimbursement for dialysis services has been reduced numerous times in recent years to a point where profit margins are a mere 3-4%. The fact is that some providers may not be able to withstand additional cuts and they will be forced to shut down or reduce necessary staffing levels, as well as eliminate patient-focused services that have been proven to improve patient health and quality of life. 

The CEO of a major Dialysis Company made a shocking public announcement in August, stating that Dialysis Centers will "inevitably" close if the CMS proposed budget cuts are imposed. The ESRD cuts that are currently being considered will impact 85% of all individuals who rely on dialysis including Peritoneal Dialysis, In-Center Hemodialysis and Home Hemodialysis. Hence, this is not only an In-Center issue, dialysis benefit cuts are certain to hurt all dialysis patients by potentially increasing out-of-pocket costs for those with ESRD as well as cause Dialysis Centers to close and limit access to quality Home Dialysis. 

DeWayne Cox, a dialysis patient, made the below short film to show lawmakers the direct effect that a 12% cut would have on the CKD Community, and specifically dialysis patients. He writes on the introduction of his video, "The goal is to show them that we were NOT just data and numbers on a spreadsheet... Those numbers represent REAL people and their families... There are lives at stake and families that would be destroyed by these severe cuts in care." found these accounts to be powerful and compelling. We encourage you to view the short film and share this article with others to inform them and help the video go viral. 

The Real Faces of Dialysis - Widescreen HD

 By: DeWayne Cox -

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