Possible Chronic Kidney Disease Reversal Medication Announces Promising Results



Bardoxolone Methyl is a new medication that is being explored to potentially help stop kidney decline and in some cases improve Kidney Function. While anecdotal (personal account) testimonials have suggested that the medication works well for patients, Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is set to make an official announcement that could offer a promising outlook for many patients nearing Dialysis and perhaps existing patients.

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Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company) announced positive, final results from the Chronic Kidney Disease Phase II Human Trails for Bardoxolone Methyl. Bardoxolone Methyl, formerly known as RTA 402, is an oral therapy that works by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress and restoring the activity of mitochondria (the cells’ powerhouses), potentially improving Kidney Function.

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Reata is currently recruiting participants for Phase 3 of the Human Trials. The trial’s primary goal appears to be to increase in Kidney Function using Bardoxolone Methyl. If you would like more information and to be kept up-to-date, then input your information below. Also, join KidneyBuzz CONNECT for more insights and the latest about Human Trials for this breakthrough and others (click here):

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Patients who have taken part in Human Trials for the potential breakthrough medication have experienced "significant improvement in Kidney Function from baseline" even after a four-week withdrawal, suggested Alport Syndrome News. The most commonly reported adverse event was mild to moderate muscle spasms, with no evidence of muscle toxicity. At the time of the analysis, no treatment-related adverse events were observed, and no patient had stopped treatment.

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These findings showed that “Bardoxolone Methyl was generally well tolerated and produced improvements in kidney function that were sustained for up to one year and remained significantly above baseline following treatment withdrawal,” the researchers wrote. Will similar findings occur in patients who are currently on Dialysis? The answer: We do not know yet, but hope to find out.

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